“Happy birthday to the very same Nicky Hogan I first met five years ago. Your good looks are living proof that Mother Nature sometimes wins the battle with Father Time.”



14th October

6 years ago, that date does not mean anything. It was just like any other date on calendar.

5 years ago, on that date, I wished this man I just met a happy birthday on facebook.

Little that I know, after that first birthday wish, the date becomes meaningful.

It is because…

If this man wasn’t born on that date, I would not hear all of the wisdom that comes from years of experience.

If this man wasn’t born, I would have never realized how words can both be beautiful and meaningful when you put together whats in your heart and what goes on your imagination in them.

If this man wasn’t born, I would not understand how can anyone has so much kindness in them and willing to go to a great lengths to help others.

If this man wasn’t born, then I would not know him. I would not have such a great mentor and a great friend anyone could ever ask for.

Today, on the 14th of October 2020, it marks 52 years of his presence in this world.

So, I want to wish him a very great birthday and the great years ahead because he deserves it.

I want to thank him as well for being born.

Because his presence, his thoughts and his compassion are matter to me and everyone around him.

And I hope he realizes how inspiring he is and how much he is loved for just being HIMSELF.


“Happy Birthday Nicky. I wish from today onwards you will live in alignment with your true nature so that you can begin to experience a level of comfort and acceptance for who you are instead of chasing who you’re not, and you can live out your real purpose in this world. Stay healthy and happy my friend.”

Posted by:Nicky Hogan

Nicky menjalani hidup limapuluh tahun, gemar berlari empatpuluh tahun, merambah alam tigapuluh tahun, bekerja di pasar modal duapuluh tahun, suka menulis sepuluh tahun. Dan inilah tulisannya.


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